Saturday, January 3, 2009

WoW Karma - Proof!

We head out to do some guild heroics last night. Hornlove is a couple Emblem of Heroism's short of the new off-hand for naxx I want. The second Heroic we did, Gundrak, went ok with only 1 wipe. Mr. Gal'darah dropped a Hemorrhaging Circle. This is a nice ring for a hunter, and a minor upgrade for Horn. Two guild mates were rolling on it. Since it came with expertise, I ended up passing.

This morning I remember that my Mysterious Egg was ready to hatch. I eagerly logged in to pop it open. *channels Proto Drake energy* Woah! Reins of the Proto drake! Wheeeeeeee!

After visiting BRK's site this morning, I noticed he actually took the ring, but got no drake! Scientific proof that WoW Karma is real! =D

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