Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tiger Woods aint got nothin' on this game.

For more than 2 years now, PS3 owners have been blessed with having the option to play the best game ever made. No, not MSG4, Little Big Planet, or Gran Turismo 5.. but Minna No Golf 5. Released last year internationally as Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (USA) and Everybody's Golf: World Tour (Euro).

I basically bought my PS3 with this game in mind, so July, 2007 when the JP version came out, I was in heaven. Originally the online features were not that great, but after a couple patches in the following months it supported game rooms (basically games made on the fly), scheduled tournaments, and match/stroke play. This is a great online game because connection speed/lag play no part in the outcome. (data doesn't need to constantly be sent between clients to keep things moving)

I've taken several long breaks from the game, mostly due to WoW/Eve-Online/Other additicions. The JP server is still going strong. The international one, not so much. I really think people see the game and it's cutsie anime-style characters, and write it off as not much of a serious game. There is actually a lot more skill and depth in this game than Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, TW gets more of the mainstream attention and sales.

Won a GF tourny the other day, which does not give any prizes, but it still was rewarding =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pimp your priest!

I suppose it's time to introduce my priest, Slumpbuster. She's been gaining around 2 levels per month and has just made it to level 20! Really I have to hand it to the folk who level a priest all the way, it's so incredibly slow. I've been just logging in when rest exp is full and buying runs thru stockades. I'll probably be a horrible priest if I ever get her leveled up since I don't know what half of her spells do. In any case she's looking quite pimp.

Other tiny progress: Fazilsauce is down to needing just 1 more recipie from the Shat cooking quest, Kibler's Bits. So close to getting the Chef title now!

Still no ulduar action. Everyone having fun there?

Cross Edge for the PS3 has been sucking most of my time lately. It's a terrific game, despite some bad reviews. A Japanese RPG that has a steep learning curve, but rewarding once you figure it out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to win a roll and feel bad

Someone needed a Ranged DPS for Naxx Saph + KT. Hiredgun, still using a bow was quick to jump on the offer. For some reason the group wiped many times on Saph (not a good sign). Finally did take the thing down, and we were told that the "Key" was a free-roll. Murder, a nice rogue dagger was on the corpse, but not over any rogue that wanted it. I saw there were 2 rogues and they showed interest, so I didn't contest it.

The raid-wide rolls for the key began, and I didn't notice what I rolled, but I thought it was low, like single-digit low. Then the raid leader said "Hiredgun roll again, you tied for top".. I had rolled an 85 and somehow that was tops vs 20 other ppl. woot.. I won the roll-off, and the key. (Starts a quest, for the Malygos raid which you probably already know). So that was pretty cool. Next time I get invited to a 25-man Eye of Eternity I can grab that cool necklace.

So we go in to kill KT. I figured we would probably fail altogether, or at least struggle alot based on what happened with Saph. To my surprise we were able to 1-shot KT, this with the main tank disconnecting about the time the adds spawned. I have no idea how it happened, but we did it. I hear over vent "*grumble* hunter loot"... could it be? Could the KT gun really have dropped?

It was Calamity's Grasp. A nice melee weapon for a hunter but really it needed to be rogue/shaman priority. I won't pretend I didn't know any better, it's not my first time in naxx. But there were 3 other ppl rolling on it, other hunters included. I listened to the voices in my head (well they were from vent being pumped thru the headset) and decided to roll on it. I won it, and there was a brief discussion (like someone saying "no way.. hunter loot" and the raid leader saying "Yeah, it's definitely hunter loot") So I didn't argue too much, took the Fist weapon and the pug raid was over.

I then explained to the raid leader why it wasn't hunter priority loot (maybe I should have explained this better before accepting it). Yeah it has nice stats for a hunter and would certainly be better than just about anything else in the slot for a dual-hander (sans Ulduar stuff), but that is no excuse, as it's a melee based weapon and hunters do DPS with ranged. It would be the same as if a Rogue rolled on the KT gun.. sure it has nice stats for his ranged slot but that would make the poor Hunters want to do a little backstabbing themselves.

Oh well so I ended up joining the guild who was running the Pug, called "Clean Slate". Seems really laid-back, no formal schedule as of yet.

Still trying to get the Chef title with Failsauce. Not much luck as I still need 2 more recipies from the BC cooking quest rewards.