Thursday, January 29, 2009

Darn is now known as Hiredgun

Ok, "so who's Darn?" you may be asking. Oh yeah, that's right... I haven't introduced you yet. He's the very first character I made on WoW, a couple weeks after the game launched. His name was randomly generated. I never thought he would be my main character when I created him on Warsong. Darn had many fine adventures on Warsong, up to and including the start of Burning Crusade.

Recently Darn hasn't seen much action at all, however. Warsong (PvP) has achieved such a state of imbalance between hoarde and alliance that it was nearly impossible for me to level him. As soon as I'd start questing in the Borean Tundra, packs of level 80 hoarde would swoop down with their flying mounts, gank, camp the corpse, rinse, repeat. I finally got fed up with it and just stopped playing him. Cenarius was on the "Can't-transfer-to" list, so things looked bad for Darn being able to expierience the wonders of Northrend and leveling up to 80.

Then transfers to the server suddenly became available again...

Run, Darn, Run!

Happy time for Darn! Except, of course, the name Darn was taken on Cenarius. So I had to give him a new name. "Hiredgun" was the best I could come up with. (Well actually, I liked "Triggerman" better, but for some reason the game wouldn't let me choose that one) Darn, *cough*, I mean HiredGun had some catching up to do. For one thing, his engineering was hovering around a meager 345. It was time to put all those materials Failsauce mined up to use. One powerleveling session had HiredGun's engineering to 446. He now has his nice Truesight Ice Goggles (what a treat to be able to use these at level 72!), a ton of bullets and arrows, plus plenty of bombs! Creeping up on level 75, things are looking up for him.

Ahh.. back in action!

So why two hunters? To be honest, when I created Hornlove it was because I wanted to level another character but couldn't stand leveling any other class. At the time I had level 40 Warlock, Mage, and Rogue, with level 20-27 Warrior, Palladin, and Priest. To me none were as fun or quick to level as the hunter. Also, I wanted to make Hornlove Beastmaster while keeping Darn Marksmanship spec. Finally, when the Ilse of Quel'Danas opened up with it's nice gold-spewing dailies I wanted to have another character I could run them with. So those are the reasons for having two hunters. What? None of these are good enough for you? Bite me! =)

So that's the story of Darn, now known as Hiredgun on the Cenarius server. Hopefully some of his adventures in Northrend will be worth writing about.

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