Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's the beef?

I posted an introduction to myself and this blog on Blog Azeroth, a site that tracks WoW-related blogs. Since this is really the only place so far I've linked the blog, if you are reading this chances are you came from there. Oh and I was excited to see what I thought was my first comment but it ended up being just another one from the bot "Gooooooooood girl" or whatever it is advertising FullTiltPoker. /pout

In an attempt to help me gain focus here, it was suggested to me that I write about Failsauce and her quest to become a useful tank. I thought that was a good idea and will certainly do that. I've much to learn about how to play a tank correctly, and I beleive the Death Knight may be one of the more challenging classes to do it with.

Hornlove did not find herself going to any 25-man raids last night (booo!). But my guild did have scheduled a 10-man Obsidian Sanctim and 10-man Vault. Both of these raids went off without a hitch! Nothing fell for Horn but I was glad to see everything go so smoothly. It's always a bit tricky when you schedule a guild raid for the Vault, as it's not certain your faction will have control of Wintergrasp.

Failsauce then joined some guildies for Heroics as DK-DPS. Since her gear is fairly weak at this point, many chances for upgrades are to be had. We started with Gundrak. I had on my DK-tanking-gear laundry-list (I'll get to this list in a future post) an item I wanted from here: The Ground Tremor Helm. This did not fall for me but I did win a roll on the Offering of Sacrifice! It was some tanking gear, even though it wasn't on my list. After that we headed to Halls of Lightning where I nabbed The General's Steel Girdle for the DPS-set. Before heading to bed I nabbed a Cloak of Bloodied Waters from the AH and had a Spiked Titansteel Helm made. DPS is looking up! Still a long road to travel for proper tanking gear. More on that later...

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