Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For the Naru! For the Light!

I'm not into PVP, I think it's a very boring aspect of WoW. Without a real sense of loss or gain from the battles, it remains pointless. I much more enjoy advancing in the game somehow instead of repeatedly running back to my corpse/making someone else do the same thing.

Today, however, Hornlove found her way into a 25-man which had just finished OS and was wanting to do vault. One problem, the horde owned Wintergrasp and the battle was about to begin. I tried it out, and could see why a lot of non-pvpers could get into it. The battle of Wintergrasp involves more strategy, the use of siege weapons, and other things besides just numbers/gear.

But in the end, it was still just numbers. The avalanche of Alliance came down on the Keep with a commanding thud. The battle couldn't have lasted much more than 10 minutes. A few achievements earned, good enuf for me.

And of course I got nothing from either raid except the Emblems of Valor. I did end up with enough saved emblems to get this:

I'm Invincible Now!!!


  1. Bloody christ I want that ring.

    And how'd you do this freaky java-based commenting system? o_O;

  2. oooh an actual comment!! heh

    Java commenting system? Just part of blogger.

  3. WTF? How?

    You halp plz since I halped you with the WoWhead stuff.

  4. The template I chose is Minima dark. I didn't do anything special other than choose that template.

  5. OMG thanks for the Wowhead tip! I swear I looked all over their site. Woot!

  6. Hrm, I guess I'll have to try that then. Later. When I feel like tinkering. XD

  7. That ring might be good for me. Too lazy to go check right now though >.>

  8. It's the second best ring in the game, Pike, so yeah, it is. (Best being the Surge-Needle Ring from 10-man Malygos.)