Sunday, January 11, 2009

Epic Failsauce!

Doing a metric ass-ton of Heroics with Hornlove for the day should have been enough for me, but when the group finally broke up, I still had some play in me. Failsauce had rest exp until 80, so might as well do the Sons of Hodir quest line to try and close the gap.

Don't look down!

Doing this quest line again was pretty fun. The quests are really well done in this zone, like all of Northrend. The Epic quest Drakkensryd was *WAY* easier with a death knight (compared with doing it as a hunter). Its really cool how you help build the different parts of Dun Niffelem, watching the city change as you progress. I think everyone likes this phasing scheme, making you feel like you're changing the world as you play.

Place nice, boys!

I was cruisin' along so quickly, I almost missed the big moment...

There was a brief fireworks display outside a mailbox in Dalaran. =D

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