Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gorilladin ... check!

I finally stopped killing the poor gorilla long enough to tame him. Of course I wouldn't have had to sit in a stinky cave for 3 days if I had been more careful. Horn hasn't seen much of the new patch yet so I don't have much to say about it. I do think some people are overreacting a bit tho.

Failsauce did get a little taste of 3.0.8. I respecced/reglyphed her to match Skeleton Jack's build. I'm also still adjusting to using keyboard macros for the rotations. It's a bit clunky now but I'm sure I'll be kicking ass once I get the hang of it. At some point I'll get her into a tanking role.. I guess I just wanted to first see how badly this patch is going to affect my hunter. So far I haven't seen much of a problem with 3.0.8 for a DPS DK... at least where unholy is concerned. They did a number on our Gargoyle, but everything else seems pretty much the same. They did make the ghoul's Gnaw autocast by default. Which is good for me.. since I never used it before, at it works really well! *embarrassed look*

Oh, and those 1200 Relic of Ulduars I had sitting on Horn's bank.. they became suddenly useful when they stopped being Souldbound and started being turn-ins for Sons of Hodir rep. Most of these went to getting Failsauce Revered with them, and the rest sold for a ton of gold on the AH. Super!

And of course, I've been waiting for Fish Feast for over a month. I gots some fishin' to do!

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