Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fail tank is Fail.

This is probably not news to most of you, but having a good tank makes a world of difference. I've noticed this especially when leveling my Priest though the 60's using the Looking-for-dungeon tool for the BC instances. Many of the players using this tool (especially in this level) have probably never done an instance, or are at least using an unfamiliar character class.

When that unfamiliar class is a tank, look out. Agrro control? Ha! Paying attention to party health/mana before pulling? Not likely. What should be a walk in the park through these BC instances turns into lots of frustration. Here's an excerpt from one DK tank who kept telling the group how good he was (until some of us mentioned that he was not). Perhaps I should have brought up his lack of DnD use (at all) earlier...

As a healer it's probably most obvious to me when a tank is failing. Usually it means I'm healing myself more than the tank. Maybe I can learn enough by watching the bad ones compared with the good ones so that when I play the tank myself I won't be terribad from the start.

As a side-thought, DK's in general seem to be enjoying the Looking-for-dungeon option. Often they won't find a role in a normal pug. The skill level of these players varies widely. Some will death-grip mobs away from the tank and soak up tons of healing, others will play so well you hardly even know they're there.

Prinnyraid is closing in on doing Northrend instances. Looking forward to it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Like a virgin

3.3 is out and so far has been well received. One of the most popular new features is the "Looking for Dungeon" feature which makes it so much easier for groups to get formed to any level of instance. Although this is a mixed bag of blessings, most of it is quite good.

I decide to try and do my first instance as a healer (Prinnyraid/level 63 disc. priest). Armed with healbot, I actually had a lot of confidence that I'd be able to do my job well. (to be honest, with healbot, a monkey could do a good job). The LFD interface enabled, my role defined, I just now have wait for a gr... POOF instantly I'm in a group, transported inside Blood Furnace along with 4 other eager adventurers. The group consists of myself, a mage, a pally, a death knight, and a melee shaman. I also just realize that I've never done Blood Furnace before.

Things start off ok but I soon notice all 3 melee classes are going from full health to 40% in a heartbeat. Still unaware of Prayer of Healing (yes, noob healer) I scramble to do the whack-a-mole using healbot. It's hectic but nobody dies. I find out from a friend that what's going on is all of the melee are standing on mines and that's why so much damage is being taken. Doesn't seem to bother them tho, they just keep taking massive amounts of damage doing the same thing over and over. I keep healing my ass off. This continues until we get to the big floaty eye-thing behind the door with the giant lever in front of it. Nobody pulls the lever and we're standing there for a good while.

It's becoming quite obvious that perhaps nobody in this group has done this instance before. Someone finally pulls the lever.. and orcs start charging the group from their cages. After the first wave, I'm the primary target of these orcs as my healing efforts from previous waves is giving me the healing aggro. The rest of the group seems oblivious to this fact as I'm 1/2 dead each wave before the rest of them start attacking. During the final wave it was too much and I die. At the time I thought this might have been normal, but after seeing it done with a proper group later, I now look back and realize how fail this group was. With the short dirt nap behind me, the rest of the instance went well enough and we completed it with without incident.

My pally friend (lvl 66) joined me and we went on to do many more dungeons, having quite a good time. The new LFD is quite good, and one of the best features Blizzard has implemented. It definitely will get people to start instancing who haven't done it before, which is a good thing.

This also makes me look back on how I played the game when Burning Crusade came out. I basically just quested to 69 or so, then farmed the hell out of Legion Hold demons in Shadowmoon Valley. It was a profitable and relatively quickly way to 70.. but I did miss out on all of the instances BC had to offer. Now looks like a good time to revisit them.

Right now everyone's checking out the new Ice Crown 5-mans and raids. I notice that some people (BBB, Larisa, and others) have gone into them not wanting to know exactly how to do the fights. No guides read up before-hand, no PTR practice fights. Just figure out the stuff on your own and have a good time. Sure you'll wipe a few more times but experiencing the fights without having your hand held telling you what to do is good fun. There will be plenty of time to mindlessly run this stuff while waiting for Cataclysm. =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

They pulled me back in

It's safe to come back now, I believe. This blog has been inactive so long it's surely been removed by any blog rolls that once had it listed. I was gone from WoW for about 6 months, now back with vengeance. Got suckered into multiboxing, opening up 4 more accounts for such nonsense, and cracked open 2 more WoTLK Collector Editions. (The battle chests being on sale for $20 each didn't hurt, along with Recruit-a-friend boons.. thanks Blizzard)

I haven't done any of the recent content yet (not since before Ulduar was released). So my gear is mostly Naxx-25 stuff. The 3 level-80's are Hornlove (hunter), HiredGun (hunter), and Failsauce (Death Knight) all on the Cenarius server. The only thing I've done with these characters since returning is allocate talents and do the fishing and cooking quests. I need to do some research on the content I missed before jumping into some Ulduar group. Oh, and as reported.. Failsauce finally got the Chef title which had eluded her forever.

That doesn't sound too exciting so far but I have been doing some other stuff in WoW. A few of my friends from Justin.tv have decided to roll on/transfer to Cenarius so we could play together. In turn, I leveled up some new characters using the Recruit-a-friend. So far I've got these new level 60+ guys to mess around with now:

Prinnyraid, Discipline Priest
Senile, Fire Mage
Asspuncher, Enhancement Shaman
Failbiscuit, Blood DK (multibox?)
Failstorm, Blood DK (multibox?)

I also have a 5-man shaman team being worked on slowly, they're up to level 25 or so. That will take a back-seat to getting my friend's character to 80 and running some heroics. I've been dual-boxing the priest and mage with decent success, questing through Hellfire Penninsula, and now Zangamarsh quests. It's a little clunky so far, as I'm very new to multiboxing, but so far they are both almost level 63.

In any case, that's what I've been doing during my 2 weeks back in WoW. Now with some friends to play with again, I'll probably stick around for a bit. =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chef Failsauce

Well it was inevitable, Failsauce was going to get the Chef title sooner or later. Not much else to comment on here, just thought I'd post it. 3.3 is out today and all hell is about to break loose.

Watch live video from Point of No Escape on Justin.tv

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whatcha been doing?

Hello, it's been a while!

I recently have been logging into WoW thanks to the 7-day freebie Blizzard sent me and a refer-a-friend which started me on a second account. I've been leveling a priest with my wow friend and we're almost to level 60 which should happen tonight. Not bad for 1 day, 18 hours played. The RAF deal is really a fast way to level. It's unclear now if I'm back in wow now or not. Time will tell!

Since I've posted last I've been busy with other games:

Eve Online (11-boxing)
PS3 Minna No Golf 5 (once in a while)
Aion (Really fun to start out, got old before the 2nd month was done)
Dragon Age Origins
Plants vs Zombies
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

All fine and dandy. I've also snagged many of the deals over the Thanksgiving day weekend from Steam. Looking forward to playing some of those.

So just wanted to say Hi! I'll probably make some more WoW related posts soon.