Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday was Meh

Not much happened yesterday Logged on Hornlove to try and get some Heroics in, but nobody needed DPS. For 30-40 minutes I kept watching the "LF Tank [insert Heroic here]" scroll by on the LFM channel.

I got bored of waiting. Logged on Failsauce (DK), half-jokingly typed "/4 Tank LF Heroic!" to see what kind of spam I'd get. Well the smart people asked "What's your HP?" or "What's your DEF?". My poorly-geared fresh 80 replied with "22k", "550 def rating" and got the expected results "nm".

One group decided to take me on, shooting for heroic Gundrak. I explained as we entered that my gear was not that great and we should take it slow. There were no objections. We entered via the Snake side. I pleaded with them to start on the other side so we could do the kiting technique on this boss, but I could not convince them. A couple quick wipes and it was over. Oh well, did I expect anything different? All I really accomplished is helping to reinforce the notion that there are a lot of bad DK's out there.

Besides gear I need to really learn how to play as a tank. It's a lot harder than it looks. I'm not sure heroic Gundrak is where I should be starting either. At least there should be some juicy 25-man raids to bang out tonight!

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