Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Also in before the nerf...

Hunters do great DPS. We get to buy an epic weapon as soon as we ding 80. It's relatively easy to configure a hunter's gear to maximize their DPS. It's my beleif that when other classes get geared up, hunters are not overpowered. During a 25-man Vault earlier today, Hornlove went all-out for the top spot. AP-boosting food, AGI/Crit booting elixir, the best ammo, even quaffed a potion of speed to see what I could do on this burst-damage-fight. I was able to stand still thru entire fight, all cooldowns blown as soon they came up, kept the pet alive the whole fight. The results:

As other classes catch up in gear/maximizing gear, it becomes clear that the Hunters are not far-and-away doing too much damage. Yet we are still slated to get a horrific nerf next patch. At least it wasn't today.. another 7 days of "OP" to enjoy.

On another note:

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