Thursday, January 8, 2009

Need more mana!

Once I was satisfied with Hornlove having enough Hit Rating in her overall gear options I dropped Focused Aim to try to use those 3 points in something more useful for improving DPS. What did I put them in? Pathfinding. Since I'm always lagging behind by skinning or drinking, I thought the extra bit of speed would help me catch up to the rest of the group. GG, thx for playing, enjoy your parting gifts. Ok, scrap that. I then decided to copy some other huntard by throwing points into Invigoration. Instead of putting that last point into Hawk Eye, I decided Efficiency would serve me better. Here's the 55/16/0 build I ended up with. Hopefully this will keep me out of Aspect of the Viper and more into serious Pwnage!

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