Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving forward?

Over the weekend I switched guilds. I've had very mixed feelings about it since then. Asylum has been very good to me. The people there are friendly, helpful, and very pleasant. I was always invited to come on any heroics and raids. Conversations on vent were always enjoyable. I felt at home in the guild.

So why did I leave? I have to ask myself this question. I wanted to do more raiding content, specifically more 25-man naxx and Malygos raids. Things in Asylum were moving at a glacier pace towards doing these things as a guild. Our 10-mans were canceled more and more. I had semi-serious thoughts of joining Chaotic, the guild who I've been joining for their 25-man naxx's every Thursday. As I've said in earlier posts, I like the way the raids were run and enjoyed the fact that the raids were so successful. But I didn't really know the people there except for a couple times in vent. I wasn't really ready to make such a blind jump into a new guild.

Then, without warning or any explanation, the guy I got along with most in Asylum left the guild. I didn't know what to make of it or what was going to happen next. I think I sort of panicked a little and made the jump and switched guilds.

So how has it been? Ok I guess. If it sounds like I might have some regrets, I do. So far as part of the guild, I've been a part of 1 night worth of raiding, and that was yesterday when we did 10-man OS w/1 drake, 25-man OS, both 10 and 25-man Vault. I was not invited to go to the 10-man Malygos. Everything seemed ok there, pretty much as I expected.

So what's the problem? The other days of the week, when we're not raiding, I feel like an outsider. I know I'm new to the guild and things take time, but it just feels like the guildies don't really get me. When I converse with them on vent, the same connection doesn't seem to be there like with Asylum. I'm not sure if it's because it's a less mature bunch, or what. I won't go into details but the way some people in this guild act and talk just bug the hell out of me. This is unusual since I get along with most everyone I meet. On top of these irritations, I've been informed that the likelihood of Failsauce being invited to raid is very small because the guild is already loaded with DKs. No big deal I guess, but why even have Failsauce in the guild if that's going to be the case. *shrug*

I will continue to give it a shot. I regret acting so quickly, not putting more thought into it or spending time to get to know more people in the new guild. In any case, I will be content as long as I have a spot in the 25-man raids and eventually get to participate in Malygos and future content. I still miss the cool peeps at Asylum tho.


  1. If the people of Asylum are good friends i.e. good people, they will understand if you want to come back. Granted, some people hold grudges or have rules that gquits mean goodbye forever...but that may not be the case. If you aren't getting the raid time you seek, perhaps you should check online for other raiding guilds...fill out an app. or two.

    If that isn't the route to go I'd suggest a vent conversation with Asylum. Afterall, talking things out always seems to work better than typing (which can get misconstrued).

    Best of luck though no matter what you choose. It's hard to find your place in the world...of warcraft. Sometimes it's best to stay where you feel most comfortable.

  2. The people in Asylum are good people and I did talk with them, explained that I thought I had acted a bit quickly, and asked to bring back Failsauce at least, since the new guild had no use for her. They said yes and I was happy with that situation.. well until I actually tried to do it.

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions. I apprecate them.