Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Upgrade with a glowy red enchant!

No it's not a Wraith Spear with Massacre. Thanks to Kestrel showing off his new toy, I suddenly had to have one too. I've been playing WoW with my dell pack-in keyboard since the game came out. It was time for an upgrade. So far I really like it. *edit: its the Microsoft Sidewinder X6.

There are 30 settable macros, x3 banks. The macros are a bit odd in that it seems to record the pauses you make between keypresses. I haven't figured out how to turn that feature off. There are 2 different colors for the glow.. a red for the main keyboard and an amber for the number pad which switches to 18 more macros when you're in game mode.

Speaking of it's "game mode"... You know that damned windows key that always get hit by mistake (usually at the worst possible time)? That key gets disabled when it's in this mode. *much rejoicing*

There's a "cruise" feature which lets you "hold down" a key automatically. It doesn't work with macro keys and just acts as "holding down" the key instead of tapping it. So far I can't think of any good use for that in WoW but I'm sure something will come up.

I'll get to play around more with this keyboard tomorrow after the patch.


  1. Oh my God. The Windows key feature makes me want this keyboard...

    I'm forever hitting that damn button at some crucial moment. Worst part is sometimes my computer has to think about it for a second, leaving me with a moment of panic and "OMG WHAT'S HAPPENING OH SHIT!"

    ~miss elf

  2. Easy fix:

    Remove the key.

    Ta-dah! It works ya know. My friend lost the key afterwards, but there's no real point to it.

    That, or get a mac. There is not windows key equivalent, and it makes me happy.