Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catching up

Hiredgun, Hornlove, and Failsauce have been working on getting their gear caught up. All three of them were in mostly Naxx-25 items when I resumed play, and most of that has been replaced by Tier-9 thanks to the Triumph badges from heroic dungeons.

Hiredgun also was able to get the Felglacier Bolter, which came only about 30 minutes after he scored the True-Aim Long Rifle. For a short while the Dwarf hunter was happy to be using a gun again. He really didn't want to go back to a bow, despite the upgrade in DPS. He'll survive.

Hornlove, who would rather have a bow anyways, has not recieved any such upgrade to her weapon during this new campaign. Still rockin the Arrowsong until something drops. Keep runnin the Pit of Sauron girl!

Both hunters are now specced as per Elitist Jerks suggestion for maximum dps as well as having a Wolf pet. Their gear is not good enough to switch to MM yet, but they're getting there.

Failsauce has been somewhat neglected. I did spend some triumph on T9 head, gloves, and a sigil for DPS. After a viewer of my justin.tv stream commented something like "why don't you tank yourself if you are always complaining about the tanks you pug with", I then decided to bite the bullet and make a tank spec. Failsauce had already been carrying around tank gear (more than a few blues, but 540+ defense worthy). Her very first heroic tanking was... Forge of Souls. Wow. Way to throw the gnome into the fire! I'll talk about this in another post, it was fun.

Well that's about it. Just wanted to give an update on my characters, nothing exciting. I'm hoping to get things ramped up to the point where I can do some raiding again soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Altaholic, really?

Hi, I'm Riff. I play World of Warcraft and I'm an altaholic.

Or am I? Just because I have about 25 characters at level 60+ now does that mean I'm an altaholic? Perhaps I just wanted to make the most of the Recruit-a-friend benefeits while the accounts were linked and active. Maybe I just wanted a priest or two for those insta-queues into the LFD.

Perhaps I'm just in denial, and really have turned into an altaholic. It may be why I haven't posted in the last few weeks despite playing WoW almost every day. In any case, I do have a new 80 to announce.

Prinnyraid hit 80 more than a couple weeks ago, at which point she got busy doing Heroics non-stop until completely geared with T9 as well as some of the ICC-5 gear. Having all DPS until now, I never thought I'd be able to level a priest up because of the slow killing. Instance boosting from friends and the new LFD solved that. Now I'm having a good time with the healing role.

Slumpbuster (another priest) had RAF levels granted and is now level 60. I will take her to 80 at some point. Why another priest? For one thing she's on my "main" account and could heal for characters on Prinnyraid's account. And did I mention the whole insta-queue thing with the LFDs?

Some other works in progress are Gratzdude (Tank Pally, yes I realize it's a horrible name.. I rushed it), a 5-man Shaman team, 5-man druid team, and 4 new hunters to go with Hornlove or Hiredgun for a hunter team. Because I had so many levels to grant, I also made a 60 rogue, another 60 shaman, and a 60 mage which I'll get to 80 someday.

But no, there isn't a problem. I can stop making alts anytime I like. Really I can.