Sunday, January 4, 2009

Would you hit that?

Finally, I was able to get the Emblems of Herosim together for the off-hand weapon I wanted. The idea was to throw the Accuracy enchant on it and have a nice set of fist weapons for running Naxx. The amount of hit% bonus hunters need for Naxx is either 8% or 9%, depending on who you believe. I'm trying to get over 8%, and will check the damage meters for misses the next time I get into a 25-man Naxx. Hornlove's racial passive Heroic Presence is great for helping to reach this, btw! Now to the weapons I've chosen for their Hit Rating:

Crimson Steel can be had from 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, and Pride is purchased from a vendor in Dalaran for 50 Emblems of Heroism. Accuracy gives +25 Hit Rating and +25 Crit Rating which is ideal, since I'm only going to be equipping these when I need to get naxx-hit-capped. There are other weapons I'd rather have if I didn't need so much Hit Rating.

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