Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alts in a different guild

"GET OVER HERE!" is the classic catchphrase Scorpion would say as he pulled his victim close with his roped kunai. Last night Failsauce felt the same tug from the guild master after she left Chaotic to return to her previous guild.

Failsauce: /gquit. "You have been invited to the guild Asylum.. accept? -yes-"

GM's Alt: "?"

Failsauce: "Ahh don't worry I'm just taking this alt out to rejoin her old guild. Amb said Chaotic had too many DKs and that she probably would not ever see any raid time."

GM's Alt: "This is Amb."


Failsauce: "Ok, so just to be clear, Hornlove is staying in Chaotic."

GM's Alt: "We don't like having player's alts in different guilds."

Failsauce: "Oh, um, no raid nights would be missed or anything.. this is more or less for off-nights when I want to play the DK."

GM's Alt: "Officer A, Officer B, and myself have discussed it and decided it is not a good idea and would only create conflict."

Failsauce: "Hmm. So you want my alt to remain guildless even tho she's never going to raid with Chaotic?"

GM's Alt: "A lot of guilds feel this way."

Failsauce: Ok, I just wanted to be clear on that.
Failsauce: /g Don't ask guys.. =(
Failsauce: /gquit. "You have been invited to the guild Chaotic.. accept? -yes-"
*Failsauce feels like shit*

I really feel like an ass right about now. I've been a solo player for most of the time playing WoW. Before BC I was in a MC raiding guild, and in Asylum for a couple months. I have a lot to learn about being in guilds I guess.

Things I've learned over the last few days:

1. When joining a new guild, take your time to get to know them a little bit first. Spend some time on vent and see if you are going to enjoy yourself there.
2. When joining a new guild, do not bring any of your alts at first. In fact, don't even mention you have alts. (or just find out ahead of time what their policy is on alts)
3. No matter what, it seems that when other people get involved, there will end up being some kind of drama eventually.

Hopefully this is the last of my Adventures in Guilding type posts for a while. Moar WoW, less drama.

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