Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fail tank is Fail.

This is probably not news to most of you, but having a good tank makes a world of difference. I've noticed this especially when leveling my Priest though the 60's using the Looking-for-dungeon tool for the BC instances. Many of the players using this tool (especially in this level) have probably never done an instance, or are at least using an unfamiliar character class.

When that unfamiliar class is a tank, look out. Agrro control? Ha! Paying attention to party health/mana before pulling? Not likely. What should be a walk in the park through these BC instances turns into lots of frustration. Here's an excerpt from one DK tank who kept telling the group how good he was (until some of us mentioned that he was not). Perhaps I should have brought up his lack of DnD use (at all) earlier...

As a healer it's probably most obvious to me when a tank is failing. Usually it means I'm healing myself more than the tank. Maybe I can learn enough by watching the bad ones compared with the good ones so that when I play the tank myself I won't be terribad from the start.

As a side-thought, DK's in general seem to be enjoying the Looking-for-dungeon option. Often they won't find a role in a normal pug. The skill level of these players varies widely. Some will death-grip mobs away from the tank and soak up tons of healing, others will play so well you hardly even know they're there.

Prinnyraid is closing in on doing Northrend instances. Looking forward to it!

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