Thursday, December 10, 2009

They pulled me back in

It's safe to come back now, I believe. This blog has been inactive so long it's surely been removed by any blog rolls that once had it listed. I was gone from WoW for about 6 months, now back with vengeance. Got suckered into multiboxing, opening up 4 more accounts for such nonsense, and cracked open 2 more WoTLK Collector Editions. (The battle chests being on sale for $20 each didn't hurt, along with Recruit-a-friend boons.. thanks Blizzard)

I haven't done any of the recent content yet (not since before Ulduar was released). So my gear is mostly Naxx-25 stuff. The 3 level-80's are Hornlove (hunter), HiredGun (hunter), and Failsauce (Death Knight) all on the Cenarius server. The only thing I've done with these characters since returning is allocate talents and do the fishing and cooking quests. I need to do some research on the content I missed before jumping into some Ulduar group. Oh, and as reported.. Failsauce finally got the Chef title which had eluded her forever.

That doesn't sound too exciting so far but I have been doing some other stuff in WoW. A few of my friends from have decided to roll on/transfer to Cenarius so we could play together. In turn, I leveled up some new characters using the Recruit-a-friend. So far I've got these new level 60+ guys to mess around with now:

Prinnyraid, Discipline Priest
Senile, Fire Mage
Asspuncher, Enhancement Shaman
Failbiscuit, Blood DK (multibox?)
Failstorm, Blood DK (multibox?)

I also have a 5-man shaman team being worked on slowly, they're up to level 25 or so. That will take a back-seat to getting my friend's character to 80 and running some heroics. I've been dual-boxing the priest and mage with decent success, questing through Hellfire Penninsula, and now Zangamarsh quests. It's a little clunky so far, as I'm very new to multiboxing, but so far they are both almost level 63.

In any case, that's what I've been doing during my 2 weeks back in WoW. Now with some friends to play with again, I'll probably stick around for a bit. =)

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