Monday, January 11, 2010

Altaholic, really?

Hi, I'm Riff. I play World of Warcraft and I'm an altaholic.

Or am I? Just because I have about 25 characters at level 60+ now does that mean I'm an altaholic? Perhaps I just wanted to make the most of the Recruit-a-friend benefeits while the accounts were linked and active. Maybe I just wanted a priest or two for those insta-queues into the LFD.

Perhaps I'm just in denial, and really have turned into an altaholic. It may be why I haven't posted in the last few weeks despite playing WoW almost every day. In any case, I do have a new 80 to announce.

Prinnyraid hit 80 more than a couple weeks ago, at which point she got busy doing Heroics non-stop until completely geared with T9 as well as some of the ICC-5 gear. Having all DPS until now, I never thought I'd be able to level a priest up because of the slow killing. Instance boosting from friends and the new LFD solved that. Now I'm having a good time with the healing role.

Slumpbuster (another priest) had RAF levels granted and is now level 60. I will take her to 80 at some point. Why another priest? For one thing she's on my "main" account and could heal for characters on Prinnyraid's account. And did I mention the whole insta-queue thing with the LFDs?

Some other works in progress are Gratzdude (Tank Pally, yes I realize it's a horrible name.. I rushed it), a 5-man Shaman team, 5-man druid team, and 4 new hunters to go with Hornlove or Hiredgun for a hunter team. Because I had so many levels to grant, I also made a 60 rogue, another 60 shaman, and a 60 mage which I'll get to 80 someday.

But no, there isn't a problem. I can stop making alts anytime I like. Really I can.

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