Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tiger Woods aint got nothin' on this game.

For more than 2 years now, PS3 owners have been blessed with having the option to play the best game ever made. No, not MSG4, Little Big Planet, or Gran Turismo 5.. but Minna No Golf 5. Released last year internationally as Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (USA) and Everybody's Golf: World Tour (Euro).

I basically bought my PS3 with this game in mind, so July, 2007 when the JP version came out, I was in heaven. Originally the online features were not that great, but after a couple patches in the following months it supported game rooms (basically games made on the fly), scheduled tournaments, and match/stroke play. This is a great online game because connection speed/lag play no part in the outcome. (data doesn't need to constantly be sent between clients to keep things moving)

I've taken several long breaks from the game, mostly due to WoW/Eve-Online/Other additicions. The JP server is still going strong. The international one, not so much. I really think people see the game and it's cutsie anime-style characters, and write it off as not much of a serious game. There is actually a lot more skill and depth in this game than Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, TW gets more of the mainstream attention and sales.

Won a GF tourny the other day, which does not give any prizes, but it still was rewarding =)

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