Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pimp your priest!

I suppose it's time to introduce my priest, Slumpbuster. She's been gaining around 2 levels per month and has just made it to level 20! Really I have to hand it to the folk who level a priest all the way, it's so incredibly slow. I've been just logging in when rest exp is full and buying runs thru stockades. I'll probably be a horrible priest if I ever get her leveled up since I don't know what half of her spells do. In any case she's looking quite pimp.

Other tiny progress: Fazilsauce is down to needing just 1 more recipie from the Shat cooking quest, Kibler's Bits. So close to getting the Chef title now!

Still no ulduar action. Everyone having fun there?

Cross Edge for the PS3 has been sucking most of my time lately. It's a terrific game, despite some bad reviews. A Japanese RPG that has a steep learning curve, but rewarding once you figure it out.

1 comment:

  1. I have it! I have the solution. It's a well kept secret but for the sake of your sanity I'll share it.

    How to level a priest in 1 Easy Step:

    1) Stand behind a tank all the way to 80

    Okay ... so ... it's not that great a solution after all...

    But look on the bright side: you are, indeed, looking pimptastic there.