Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to win a roll and feel bad

Someone needed a Ranged DPS for Naxx Saph + KT. Hiredgun, still using a bow was quick to jump on the offer. For some reason the group wiped many times on Saph (not a good sign). Finally did take the thing down, and we were told that the "Key" was a free-roll. Murder, a nice rogue dagger was on the corpse, but not over any rogue that wanted it. I saw there were 2 rogues and they showed interest, so I didn't contest it.

The raid-wide rolls for the key began, and I didn't notice what I rolled, but I thought it was low, like single-digit low. Then the raid leader said "Hiredgun roll again, you tied for top".. I had rolled an 85 and somehow that was tops vs 20 other ppl. woot.. I won the roll-off, and the key. (Starts a quest, for the Malygos raid which you probably already know). So that was pretty cool. Next time I get invited to a 25-man Eye of Eternity I can grab that cool necklace.

So we go in to kill KT. I figured we would probably fail altogether, or at least struggle alot based on what happened with Saph. To my surprise we were able to 1-shot KT, this with the main tank disconnecting about the time the adds spawned. I have no idea how it happened, but we did it. I hear over vent "*grumble* hunter loot"... could it be? Could the KT gun really have dropped?

It was Calamity's Grasp. A nice melee weapon for a hunter but really it needed to be rogue/shaman priority. I won't pretend I didn't know any better, it's not my first time in naxx. But there were 3 other ppl rolling on it, other hunters included. I listened to the voices in my head (well they were from vent being pumped thru the headset) and decided to roll on it. I won it, and there was a brief discussion (like someone saying "no way.. hunter loot" and the raid leader saying "Yeah, it's definitely hunter loot") So I didn't argue too much, took the Fist weapon and the pug raid was over.

I then explained to the raid leader why it wasn't hunter priority loot (maybe I should have explained this better before accepting it). Yeah it has nice stats for a hunter and would certainly be better than just about anything else in the slot for a dual-hander (sans Ulduar stuff), but that is no excuse, as it's a melee based weapon and hunters do DPS with ranged. It would be the same as if a Rogue rolled on the KT gun.. sure it has nice stats for his ranged slot but that would make the poor Hunters want to do a little backstabbing themselves.

Oh well so I ended up joining the guild who was running the Pug, called "Clean Slate". Seems really laid-back, no formal schedule as of yet.

Still trying to get the Chef title with Failsauce. Not much luck as I still need 2 more recipies from the BC cooking quest rewards.

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  1. I've been lucky in my runs as anything that dropped was purely for hunters, I was the only hunter, and there were no druids to take my stick.