Sunday, April 5, 2009

Log in, get a prize!

Without a guild or any real progress to be made I haven't been logging in much. I did, however, crack open an oracle egg and got a nice surprise for Failsauce. Woot! I suppose it's time to find a new guild and hopefully get a spot for the upcoming Ulduar stuff. I've been sidetracked by some other PC games lately. Since getting the new PC I got a steam account and had to find out what I'd missed over the last few years.

Company of Heroes is just fantastic. I'm sure a lot of you have played this. I purchased the "Gold" version at Best Buy for $30 (which included the expansion, Opposing Fronts) but now I wish I had got the "relic pack" from Steam which included CoH Gold and also Dawn of War platnium (the original DoW game plus it's 2 expansions) for only $50.

The amazing quality of CoH made me want to try some other Relic stuff. I picked up Dawn of War II and was very impressed. It's a bit watered down as an rts but it does take every advantage of my PC and is extremely well polished. The single-player campaign (you can actually play it co-op as well) is more like a cross between Diablo and an RTS, with loot drops, leveling up, and skill point allocation.

Lastly, based on amazing reviews, I nabbed Empire: Total War. I've only had it for a day so it's a little hard to give it a fair shake but so far it's extremely slow and I'm missing why the reviewers think it's so great. Trying to put armies in place is sloooooow and their pathfinding frustrating. I'll have to give it more of a chance but right now I wouldn't reccomend it.

Big thumbs up for Steam tho. No sales tax, great weekend specials, and no discs/manuals to keep track of, it's all electronic.


  1. Grats on the drake! I can't wait to see how my luck holds out.

    Good to see you posting again!

  2. Thanks! =) Very lucky indeed.. First Hornlove now Failsauce. Hiredgun started with the Frenzyheart so it may be some time before he'll start hatching eggs.

    The easter stuff coming up looks funny. Shake the bunny maker.. lol