Friday, April 10, 2009

Steam is addictive.

Yes, I'm easily addicted to stuff. I've been sifting over all Steam's warez lately to see if I could find some more goodies to try out. Here's what I've managed to nab:

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. $30. This is a brand new release (April 9th) , a stand-alone expansion to CoH. There are new scenarios, new multiplayer maps and game modes, and a few new units to mess around with. This expansion is probably overpriced a bit but damn, the original game is so good I don't mind. Again, if you haven't got into the CoH game yet, do it. They have a complete-pack out now which is all 3 CoH's for $40.

Now for some older, cheaper games. Not like, c-64 old but damn some of these don't let you change resolution or even run in a window. In any case...

Games on Sale! woo! All of these are 1/2 price until Apr 13th.
Sacred Gold. $5. Comes with Sacred, Sacred Plus (fan pack?), and Sacred Underworld (expansion). Game plays like Diablo II, with a bit more exploring and open-world. This means I love it! =) Kill Kill Kill, Loot Loot Loot... fun stuff! Now they released a sequal in December but I will probably wait for the console (PS3) version of that. Up to 16-players online (although I'm having difficulty getting that to work right now on Vista 64) In any case if you somehow missed this game like I did, pay the $5 and have a blast.

Jagged Alliance 2 Gold /Disciples II Gold Combo. $15. JA2 Gold comes with the original game plus the expansion, JA2 Unfinished Business. If you played any Sir-Tech games in the past (Wizardry.. any of them) you know that they don't mess around. JA2 is a turn-based role-playing strategy game where you run a group of Mercs and do missions for cash. It's very involved and has a lot of depth. It's great.. will just leave it there. Disciples II comes with the game plus 2 expansions. It's a strategy game with a fantasy theme. Some people absolutely love the game, although I didn't like it that much at first impression. Both of these games I need to read the manual for (comes with the game in electronic format). 5 titles for $15, and 2 of them are Sir-Tech? Win.

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