Monday, March 16, 2009

New computer, yeah baby!

Last Wednesday I bought a new computer, mostly for playing WoW and EVE Online. Previously I had been using a Dell that had worked very admirably for over 5 years. (I also bought that one for playing WoW at the time of release). It was certainly time for an upgrade! What I ended up with was another Dell, the XPS Studio with a 24-inch 1900x1080 screen. What a difference! Now running at 60FPS in Naxx, Dalaran, anywhere. It's certainly going to breathe more life into computer gaming for me.

I also have the power to run Fraps and hope to have some movies up here soon. Messing around with the Vista movie editor was a bit frustrating. I wanted to add multiple sound channels (one for music, one for narration, etc) but it was incapable of doing that. Also, uploading movies to YouTube really destroys their quality as they're reprocessed for low bandwidth. I'm not sure how people keep the quality high when sharing the movies online. It will be a learning process.

Anyways just thought I'd share my good fortune. I had been saving for a couple months to get this upgrade. Now if I can still pay next month's rent I'll be just fine. ;)


  1. I use EM Free Game Capture to record game screen. The software is better than FRAPS.