Wednesday, September 16, 2009, live streaming video.. and WoW!

A lot of you already know about this site but it's relatively new to me. It's a site for posting videos, but instead of pre-recorded stuff the emphasis is on live feeds. In terms of WoW, this is technology being used in a cool way as you can watch someone else play WoW live, right now on some server somewhere. You can also interact with the "broadcaster" by typing into a chat box. As part of the deal the "broadcaster" can (and usually does) add audio commentary on what he/she is doing in the game or responds to what you type to them via the chat box. I thought it was pretty cool in any case, and created a channel. So here it is, in case you are interested:

I probably wont have any interesting content for a bit but there are plenty of others that do. So if you're bored, need a WoW fix but can't get in the game, go and watch some other people play.

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