Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too many chefs in the kitchen

My WoW account is currently turned off. I had not been playing much and money has been very tight. It's only temporary, I know I'll be back.. just a matter of when.

One of the things that I was working towards while my account was active was the "Chef" title for Failsauce. I had everything done for the meta-achievement that awarded this title except for getting the final recipie from the Shat cooking quest (Kibbler's Bits was the one I was after). I was not in an active raiding guild at the time so the only real thing I did was log in, do a few dailies, and go on to play something else. The persuit of the Chef title was enough for me. Doing the Shat cooking quest was pretty boring but I wanted the payout, so I kept at it.

So patch 3.2 comes along. Mass amount of things easier now. A lot of them I agree with, the ability to get mounts sooner for all characters was a good move. But with the cooking, WHAT THE HELL? They now significantly increase the drop rate of the rare recipies for the daily quests. *sigh* .. just when I was down to the last one I need, they made it much easier to obtain. It's too easy now. *grr* I was looking forward to accomplishing this goal... this change they made has sort of ruined it for me tho.

Maybe when I regain steady income I'll think about re-opening the WoW account.

As for EvE, there's the option of paying for your monthly subscription fee by using in-game currency, which is what I'm doing. It's been a month since I re-activated the accounts and things are going quite well for me. Mining operations have increased, missions thrown in here and there. Here's a neat looking planet I saw a few weeks back:

See ya soon!

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